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I had a few sessions of The Emotion Code with Anna for ankle pain and also for a migraine(which I have chronic issues with).  The experience were both amazing and helpful. I was happy with the relief I felt, also a bit surprised because I didn't know much about this form of healing and didn't know what to expect.  I definitely plan on having more sessions with Anna.

--Christine Weinberg, NYC, NY


It works and changed my life. I knew everything that Anna shared in her results.

--Faith Schindel, SK, Canada


If humans could understand.. I am not so nervous and I have found my voice.  I was attacked by another dog when I was a baby, I am building my confidence through the emotion code!

Andy the Weimaraner, SK, Canada


"As a first time hypnotherapy client I was unclear of what to expect.  Anna was extremely knowledgable and professional when discussing with me what to expect and hopefully what could be achieved.  Her calm soothing voice and demeanour instantly put me at ease.  I can honestly say my entire experience with Anna far exceeded any expectations I could have.  I will strongly recommend Anna and her services to anyone I think could benefit from it.  She has made me a firm believer in Hypnotherapy"
Weldon, SK, Canada


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