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Where in your journey do you need guidance?  

Its truly my passion to inspire  and guide you on your journey to find joy while rebuilding after leaving a narcissitic relationship.​     Lets change your reality together💫


This pic represents FREEDOM   i survived and never felt so free in my ENTIRE life!!

About Us


To lead and inspire woman to awaken their inner joy and to empower them to stand with strength, in their power. To rebuild and be strong.  To find a themselves and be free.



is to assist woman that seek their truth to rebuild, using energy work and hypnotherapy for change, within a safe environment.  To guide safely in order to piece back together their sense of self as a whole.  To build and believe in new beliefs and behaviours that will serve all for the higher good that resonates true to the individual. 


About Me

With her love of nature, caring for others and alternative modalities.... Labellula Transformation became about.  Anna started to follow her life purpose, which is to help people to live their best life!

Anna was a health care provider for 21yrs as a dental hygienist and has transitioned into the world of Hypnotherapy/Coaching due to the passion of helping others.   She is an Intuitive and Energy Healer. She is multi talented.  By using different modalities such as The Emotion Code, Access Consciousness Bars and  Reiki... Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master, she is able to alter care to your needs.     

She provides the most well rounded care for your needs.  If you trust , she will provide. She is the utmost professional but calls it like she sees it.


She has healed herself to the point of teaching others to do the same.  She has never been so driven and focused.  

She was diagnosed with  PTSD and ADHD in her early 40's and has dealt with narcissism.  Every life lesson that she has been challenged with, she has embraced, healed and put in her tool box, to be able to help others.

Life is always an adventure!

     As she still learns, she has incorporated all her tools and put them under one umbrella to get the best benefits for her clients.  

All these modalities when put together are MAGICAL💫



Anna Kajner

I use my pendulum to do an Emotion Code treatment.   Pendulums simply amplify the muscular and nervous system changes taking place in the most sensitive detecting instrument in existence: the human body.   I always ask permission before I use it!

I take great joy in helping others heal to live their best lives.  To be abundantly healthy in every way!

I am a mom to 3 daughters and dog named Andy!

I'm adventurous, straight forward and you will always find a smile on my face.

Find a happy place and spend a lot of time there!!


Contact Us

Anna Kajner
Labellula Transformations

Saskatoon SK  Canada

Tel: 306-229-7362


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