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Practicing yoga without knowing that you are practicing yoga!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Yoga can be done anywhere!!

Yoga can be done anywhere, on any surface, in any clothing and at any age!!

Just move your body! You were probably doing yoga poses as a kid and didn't even know it . The warrior one especially, if in a stand off with a sibling ready to defend or attack in playfulness. My dad was in #savasana every day after work on the couch..haha

Get a #yogamat, a towel, the floor/ground and sit, stand, or lay down. Sometimes just lying on your mat #breathing is the hardest. Being #grounded, melting into your mat, staying present and being still, is the most #rejuvenating.

Be #mindful of your breathe as you move your body. Feel your body. You don't need to be in a #yogaclass to be doing yoga. You don't need to be sitting still to be #meditating. When I first started, it was recommended to me to talk, even scream into a pillow. Meditation is what it means to you. It goes beyond the stereotypical sitting crossed legged on the floor.

It's all yoga. It is all unique to you. Make it your own. Just move your body and be mindful! I would love for everyone to get rid of the stereotypical scenarios that surround #yoga. It is so beneficial in so many ways.

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